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As positive progress slowly unfolds in Somalia, a new radio network may prove a constructive next step for the conflict-marked country’s media

Established by 13 Somali FM radio owners and directors, the network “Shabakadda 2013” (Network 2013) is set to strengthen the ability of the country’s media to better serve the interests of the Somali public.

The establishment of the network was supported by IMS through its humanitarian radio service Radio Ergo, which operates out of Kenya.

“Great strength in unity”

The formation of the network is an exciting development that may enable Somalia’s toiling media to play a key role in the country’s move out of conflict, says Radio Ergo’s senior editor, veteran journalist Abdulkadir Mohamed Mursal.

“It doesn’t make sense to be on your own as a radio – there is great strength in unity. Now we are in a transition from war to peace in Somalia. This network has a lot of potential to ensure the media can impact positively in society for peace and reconciliation.”

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